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Online betting is a fun way to make an exciting sports event even more exciting and it can also be an entertaining way to make money. However if you are new to online betting, you may find the many competing online betting bookmakers and the specialist language of online betting and betting odds off-putting. For those who have never placed a bet online before don't worry its actually quite simple. All you need is a credit or debit card with which to open an account and about 3 minutes to fill out an application form and then you're ready to bet.

Use the links provided in the boomakers links page to find a bookmakers website and look for the link for the new accounts page. Once you find it you will need to fill in a form, much like if you were buying something online, where you have to supply your name and address and a few other details such as a username & password so you can login each time you visit.

With some betting odds bookmakers you need to make a deposit to open an account, others let you open the betting odds account without putting any money in, then you have to find the "account" section to deposit funds. Normally the minimum deposit is about 10 pounds although it can be a little higher with some betting odds bookmakers. This money is then taken from your bank account (if you used a switch card) or credit card and then shows as a positive account balance in your betting odds bookmaker account. You are free to withdraw your money whenever you want much in the same way as you deposited it. Generally bookmakers like to give you your winnings back on the same card that you deposited.

Once you have money in your bookmaker betting odds account you are free to bet up to that amount on any of their betting odds markets. There is unusually a minimum amount for a bet but this is rarely more than 2 pounds and often a lot less.
To place the bet select the horse you want to bet on and then enter a stake, if you want to take the betting odds on offer (normally found next to the horse if the race is a early betting odds race) click on a button to enter your bet (it varies what but its usually pretty obvious). You will then be presented with a confirmation page allowing you to confirm or cancel the bet. The most common type of bet concerns the outcome of a single race but you can add further selections if you wish to make the bet into a double or treble, see the horse racing betting guide on the website for a full range of bets available, . So in effect you guess the result of the race and find another bookmaker, or person if you use the betting exchanges, who is prepared to take the opposite view. Each party puts down thier money - known as their stake. You agree to lose your stake if you guess incorrectly. But you will get your stake back AND win the other stake if you get it right, ie the betting odds you have taken!

All online betting odds bookmakers have an "accounts" section where you can add money, withdraw money, check your account balance and see your personal betting odds history. This is very useful for keeping track of all of your bets including the betting odds you have taken.

A full list of betting odds boomakers can be found on the Boomakers link on the menu. However there are so many to choose from so deciding on the best option can be difficult. Many of them offer incentives to sign up like free bets ect, but my advice would be to stick to the more well know ones as a few of the smaller internet betting odds bookmakers have been know to go bankrupt with the punters cash in tow. The betting exchanges can be very useful and betfair is the one we would reccomend. To bet, you need to find someone to oppose you. A betting odds bookmaker (also known as a bookie) is someone who makes a business from setting betting odds for an event and taking them from the punter. Whatever event you are interested in, there will normally be more then one bookmaker setting betting odds and taking bets on it (known as making a book). When betting with a betting odds bookmaker you place a bet and the bookmaker takes the bet - the idea is exactly the same as betting with a friend! You put down some money and if you lose, they keep it. If you win, however, you get your stake back PLUS your winnings which is your stake to the betting odds you have taken. The winnings can be seen as the stake put down by the betting odds bookmaker - but since the betting odds bookmaker holds both stakes, you never see his unless you win. A person who places a bet with a betting odds bookmaker is often referred to as a punter.

When you bet with a friend, you both usually put down the same amount of money so teh bet is evens. With a betting odds bookmaker you don't always bet with equal stakes. For each possible outcome of an event, a betting odds bookmaker will offer a range of betting odds for each selection or outcome. These are the betting odds. The betting odds are set at the time you place your bet unless you leave them to the SP or Starting Price, use the Tote, or Spread Betting. For example, if you back a horse at 3 - 1, you will give the betting odds bookmaker one unit, If the horse wins, you will get your one unit plus the three units as winnings. When the amount of money you can win is greater than the amount you stake this is known as betting odds Against. When the amount of money you can win is less than your stake it is known as betting odds On. You do still win, since you get your stake back as well. So if you back a horse at 1-3 (usually described as 3-1 on), putting a 1.00 stake down, and if your selection wins, you will get your original 1 back plus 0.33. Betting odds of evens means you get your stake back and the exact amount again, e.g. at betting odds of Evens 1.00 will get you your 1.00 back and another 1.00 in winnings, making 2.00 in total. So the higher the odds, the more you win if you are successful.

The betting odds represent the probability of the outcome of an event, i.e. how often it would occur, if the event were repeated again and again. So if you keep tossing a coin for long enough heads and tails should come up about the same ie evens . Betting odds based on the statistical probability are known as the true betting odds. In this case, the true odds are 1-1, because you will lose once for each time you win. Because most sporting events are never rerun under exactly the same conditions, the true odds are always a matter of opinion. Not only that, when you bet with a bookmaker the betting odds don't just represent the likelihood of the result. They also reflect the bookmakers need to make profit and different amounts of money taken on the possible outcomes. The art of betting is in trying to find odds that are out of line with the true probability. Betting odds offer the possibility of winning more money by backing an unlikely outcome, or taking less risk by backing a likely one.

Online betting odds can be described in a number of ways. Traditional odds are shown as a ratio e.g. 4 /1, 2/1, 1/1 etc. Online betting odds can also be expressed as a percentage or as a decimal number e.g. 5.0 ,3.0 or 2.0 In decimal format the number represents your total return including your stake. Most bookmakers use traditional betting odds as the default for online betting odds, Whereas on betfair the norm is to display decimal odds, however most boomakers offer both options for your convinience. Starting Price is calculated after the start of the race and is an average price for that horse determined by racecourse officials using the prices shown by on-course bookmakers. This means the bookmaker cannot yet tell you what the exact odds are going to be. When you back a horse using a starting price, the price can change based on market conditions, and you are agreeing to whatever the odds will be at the start of the race. However most races are priced up by one of the bookmakers online.

Most online betting odds bookmakers who feature on the internet operate independently of each other. Online betting odds are set independently by each individual bookmaker and therefore can vary. Using as site such as Oddschecker is wise as they display all the odds from most major bookmakers together - they display all the different online odds so you can see at a glance which bookmaker is offering the best price. Most punters think that the betting odds offered by the bookmakers on a particular outcome reflect the true probability of that outcome occurring. However for the bookmaker, the process of deciding how high or low to set the odds actually has two parts: The Probability. Good online bookmakers do employ odds compilers with specialist sporting knowledge who calculate the likelihood of the various possible outcomes and then draw up the odds. However these days its more likely that they use the betting exchanges to set thier odds. Once the market has been formed and the bookmaker has started taking bets from punters the odds will be changed in response to where the money is going and how people are betting. Some bookmakers are driven almost exclusively by the market. They will tend to post prices later than the others, once they have seen the other betting odds.

There are many factors to consider when attempting to determine the probability of a particular outcome and therefore checking the online betting odds is very important so you can obtain the best betting odds available. In horseracing these factors would include - Form - the past history of all the runners -Going - a description of how the weather has affected the track - The riders, trainers and owners - The pedigree of the horses - The draw and Weather forecast. All the above are important factors in predicting the outcome of any horse race. How much importance you attach to each of the particular factors is down to your personal feelings. All of this information is available on the website. When considering these factors it will help you to form an opinion as to the probability of particular outcomes of horse races or the True betting odds. Bear in mind that while the online bookmakers must set betting odds on almost every horse race, you can concentrate on one race that interests you. If, in your opinion, the bookmakers are offering betting odds that you believe to be longer than the true betting odds, you have found a Value Bet. Value bets is the only way to beat the online betting odds bookmakers in the long term.

When the online betting odds market has opened, and the bookmaker starts to take Bets, thye need to take into account market conditions or the money staked on the event. A bookmaker is a professional and he must make a profit from the betting odds he gives. If a lot of punters bet on a particular horse then he stands to lose a lot of money if it wins. In this situation, which can occur when a horse is tipped by a high profile tipster service, bookmakers will make the betting odds on that horse lower to balance the betting odds book and discourage punters from backing it. They should also then raise the betting odds on the other horses in the race to attract punters to put money on those other horses. Consequently the betting odds they offer may cease to represent a true view of the outcome of any particular event and are more likely a reflection of what other people are betting on.

For the bookmaker the most important thing is to pay out less in winnings than he takes in stakes. So he will try to ensure that he makes a profit on each event on which he makes betting odds or a book. This is done by setting an Overround. To calculate an Overround you need convert the betting odds of all participants in the event to percentages, then add them together. Remember you need to add in the stake, for example 2/1 represents 1 in 3. While mathematically speaking the true overound of all horse in a race must be 100 percent as only one can win, however the bookmaker's Overround has to add up to more than 100 percent. It's the amount over 100 percent that represents the bookmaker's profit. You dont need to work out overrounds as most betting odds sites and exchanges do it for you and they are on display. You can use the Best Book to identify a race where the prices are likely to represent good value. The closer to 100 percent the better the value of the betting odds. Bear in mind that a good book doesn't mean that all the odds represent good value. You still have to identify the best betting odds.

There are other kinds of betting. The Tote offers a very similar set of options to a bookmaker, including Win Bets and various Accumulators. The difference is that the Tote is a pool or "pot" based system. Spread Betting is a form of betting on markets where the punter bets on a 'spread' of numbers relating to the particular event - for example, the number of lengths between named horses at the end of the race. The bookmaker quotes a spread regarding the number of lengths they think will be between the two named horses at the finish. If they offer 2 lengths and you feel it would be more then then you buy at 2, if you think fewer then you sell at 2 and stipulate your stake per point. Exchange Betting refers to betting without an online bookmaker, as you would with a friend, for example. There are now a number of One-To-One onine betting sites on the Internet that allow strangers to bet against each other. On these sites you can offer to either lay or place a bet. If you lay a bet, you yourself offer the odds and the stake, and then wait to see whether another user will take you up on it.

More information on these different ways betting can be found on the website under the betting guide.

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